Officers and Board Members of AFM Local 135-211

President: Alan Rochlin

Secretary-Treasurer: Julie Drey

Mailing Address:

AFM Local 135-211

3314 Reedy Rd
Sinking Spring, PA. 19608

Executive Board Members:

Brian Holt

Paul Moyer

Chris Heslop

Charles B. Breaux, III

Jerry Heere


AFM 24-Hour Emergency Assistance (MEMBERS ONLY)

If you experience an emergency outside of Local 135-211 business hours, you can call one of the AFM’s 24-hour toll-free hotlines. A representative from the AFM will be happy to assist you.

Within the USA:
AFM Federation Office 1-800-ROADGIG (1-800-762-3444)

Within Canada:
AFM Canadian Office 1-800-INFOFED (1-800-463-6333)