Canal Street Pub’s United Jam Session of America(n Federation of Musicians)

Tuesday, August 17 2021, 6pm – 9pm

Live streaming became the norm for musicians in 2020. Through a generous grant from the Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF), musicians throughout the United States and Canada were able to stay afloat by doing paid live streams through this program.

Canal Street Pub was among the first to step up to host countless live streams, providing the musicians with much needed large space in order that they may socially distance during performances.

This jam session is a means for all musicians to share their talents with each other and fans of the music. It is also a way to thank Canal Street Pub for over a year of generosity and support.

We hope you will join the musicians in celebrating this Reading institution. 

Free Admission

Reservations: 610-376-4009

The Lineup…

  • Chip Breaux & the Jazz Katz (Chip Breaux, Ken Gehret, Chris Heslop, LJ Palmer, Gary Wenzel)
  • Ken Gehret, Josh Taylor, & Skip Moyer
  • Mark James & Friends (with Tommy Vollmer on pedal steel & Dave Smith on bass)
  • Skip Moyer Group (Skip Moyer, Tim Gross: piano & Brent Behrenhausen: drums)
  • Paul Colombo Trio with Kevin MacConnell
  • Pete Souders Jazz with Al Rochlin & Dave Schaeffer
  • David Cullen & Kevin MacConnell